My wonderful clients are the reason I get to do the job that I love to do.

Here are some of the lovely things they’ve said about the service I’ve provided them:

Victoria Vickery, Director, All Star Marketing Club

“I have been working with Rachel for many years now, and she has always been my trusted right-hand woman. Not only does she get the job done, but she is able to streamline processes and make everything incredibly slick – therefore saving so much time and money. Rachel seems to know me better than I know myself; anticipating my needs and being there to deal with work proactively, with a safe and trusted pair of hands. She is as bright as a button, as quick as a fox, and as kind and caring as Mary Poppins!”


Barry Eagle, Director GripClad Ltd

“Rachel is a true professional. She is an administrator, book-keeper, marketing expert, knows her way around the social media jungle and even attends meetings. Before Rachel came along I was too busy working “in” my business and not “on” it, and that has been a major turning point for my business. Even my weekends were taken up with admin catch up, so something had to change. I was reluctant to go down the costly route of employing someone to take the heat off my workload, and then I was recommended to contact Rachel, and I have never looked back since. Before Rachel arrived I was buried in paper…a messy desk is an active desk, but all the admin was killing my productivity. Rachel has taught me how to free up and better use my time and do what I do best and since then I have valued her services and input 100%. Rachel is able to sort out all the invoicing, liaise with the company accountants, speak with our suppliers, and arrange meetings. If you seek a VA who is resourceful, capable, enterprising and can quickly identify your business needs then Rachel is on the button. To have someone who is really on the ball, and who has a distinct ability to assess and initiate a forward plan for your business then you have found her right here.”


“I knew that I needed a VA to help me with a whole arena of admin and online

Katrina Kerr, Katrina Kerr Coaching

activity that was taking up far too much of my time. I needed somebody who was very organised and proactive, but as a start up my funds were limited – so I was hesitant at first. Also, had had a few bad experiences with VA’s in the past and so knew that I needed to really trust who I was working with. Rachel came highly recommended and she has definitely lived up to her reputation. I really enjoy working with Rachel.  She is super organised, very knowledgeable and always happy to help with whatever comes her way. She manages expectations well, letting me know her time scales on the tasks set – which I really appreciate. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking for a VA.”


Richard Reid, Director, Pinnacle Therapy

“Before I started working with Rachel, I was a little worried how taking on a VA would work based on the fact that we were in different geographical locations, and I was interested to know how it would work from a resourcing perspective given that she also had other clients. However, there was no cause for concern as Rachel fully immersed herself as part of the business and became a very involved member of the team and was also willing to physically attend meetings if required. I cannot speak highly enough of the work ethic, flexibility or professional acumen that Rachel demonstrated over the course of her time working with Pinnacle. Our business changes rapidly from one day to the next and Rachel has abundantly shown the necessary “Can Do” attitude needed to embrace this change and to consistently provide fast and effective solutions. In short, I would recommend Rachel’s services to anyone without hesitation.”