When people ask me what I do for a living…I find them querying as to why a business wouldn’t just employ an admin assistant?! With a freelancer like myself, you will never have the overheads that you get if you were to employ someone. You won’t have to worry about things like pensions, holidays or sick pay. You won’t need to provide a desk at your office or office equipment. You also won’t have to pay me whilst I’m making a cup of tea on my break – I clock in and out of the tasks as I’m completing them.

You don’t have to do this alone…I really do love the jobs you hate.

I have worked with a range of different small business owners, all with differing admin bugbears who can feel frustrated with what seems like the simplest of tasks:

Things like having to log expenses and send invoices…this just takes up too much time, and in turn, you are not doing things like answering customer enquiries, and so then that leads to losing out on new business opportunities, not to mention you end up always working on weekends!

I can take on laborious accounting tasks, I take that pain away and give you your time back.

I frequently hear that there is little time to keep on top of paperwork, no time to post on social media, and as for organising the diary and checking emails from clients – that doesn’t get touched until just before bedtime!

I can help streamline tasks like this, I take that pain away and give you your time back.

I’ll help you with…

PA & Administration support
  • Diary and email management
  • Meeting & Travel arrangements
  • Data entry & sorting (including GDPR compliance support)
  • Supplier research and ordering
  • Office organisation & system creation
  • Accounts support
  • Customer management
Specialist Support
  • Market & Competitor research
  • Email campaign management
  • Event support
  • Social media support
  • Website admin

This is by no means a limited list, so if there’s anything you don’t see, then just ask if I can help! My services are completely flexible and always tailored to the needs of my clients.

Where to start?

It’s always best to start with a FREE telephone consultation, or face-to-face meeting, where I’ll be able to find out more about your business needs, and how I can provide support to fit that, to get the best results for you and your business.

So, get in touch, and see how I can help free up your time to really make a difference to your business success.