When people ask me what I do for a living…I often start t0 explain by comparing myself to a domestic cleaner. In the same way someone might hire a cleaner for their home, small business owners outsource their admin tasks to me because they hate doing them, they take up too much time, they don’t have the skills to do them themselves, or quite simply, they just don’t want to do them as they’d rather be doing something else!

Virtually free up your time…and focus on your business!

If you want rid of annoying admin, I’m your girl.

I mostly work from my cosy pink office at my home in Hampshire, fuelled by peppermint tea, a bag of mixed nuts and the drive to live a healthy work/life balance (I hardly ever work weekends), I support my passions, dreams and little Sprocker Spaniel as a Virtual Assistant.

I became self-employed in August 2014 working alongside my friend and her business as a PA and Administrator after escaping from the large corporate world…check out my LinkedIn for more info on my background and expertise here.

I have years of business experience, having worked in financial services, telecoms, banking, legal services and other professional services. I have a BA Hons in Marketing, made a career in Market Insight and have been PA to two CEOs.

I was very excited to take the big leap from the large corporate environment into the world of freelancing where I am now offering an invaluable service to a range of small businesses.

I am extremely organised, determined, resourceful, innovative and analytical, comfortable working with a diverse range people, self-motivated and can work to tight timescales and under pressure.

I have lots of experience working with coaches and therapists, and I am a whizz when it comes to figuring out and managing your online systems…whether that’s uploading blogs to your WordPress site, managing email marketing in Mailchimp or your accounts in Xero.

As I’m self-employed and have worked with both small business and in the large corporate environment, I’ve been where you are, both as a business owner and an admin assistant. So, by working with me you’ll work with someone who gets it.

If you’d like to see who I’ve worked with and what they think, check out my testimonials page here.