In my last blog, I talked about the need for business owners to separate themselves from the day to day running of the business if they are to make significant inroads to business growth and increased success (you can read the article here).

So, I thought I’d now discuss the many benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. Each business is different, and your requirements will, therefore, be different. However, these benefits are common for most, and the ones I think are the most important to consider:

1. You don’t have to actually employ a VA

You will never have the overheads that you get if you were to actually employ someone. You are likely to be hiring a self-employed VA and so you won’t have to worry about things like PAYE, holidays, sickness etc. Training is unnecessary too (unless there is a specific system or process of course).

A Virtual Assistant can be picked up and put down as you need to; so you control the costs and the amount of work or hours you want them to complete. They are dedicated to the task at hand, without complacency, completing these with precision and speed.

Any worthwhile VA will be focussed on accuracy, speed, volume, and standards. This is what gains repeat business, so if you find a good VA, you’ll know they are working their socks off for you.

2. They will love to do the jobs you hate

If you were to work it out, the money you pay a VA (for example, to sort out your emails, or do your invoicing, or sort travel arrangements, producing documentation etc) you could probably be earning a substantial amount more, by focussing on the tasks that bring the business increased revenue.

More often than not, your VA will be much better at those admin jobs you hate…and they will do them a lot faster too. It’s their bread and butter.

3. The first step in growing your resource

It’s all very well hiring someone for a role if you know you need admin or PA support, but if you are unsure as to whether this is the right role you require within your business or are not sure you need a large volume of hours that would be required for a part-time or full-time person, this is the perfect first step. You can utilise a VA for a small number of hours per week, or even just for busy periods. The flexibility is yours for the taking. Often VAs are flexible enough to help at very short notice.

4. It’s Virtual

With the virtual office concept, you don’t have to worry about providing the things you would need to provide regular staff, like computers, phones and desks. They will usually work remotely to provide the services to you.

5. Experience

As a VA myself, I have worked for many companies and many industries and fulfilled many different roles, from administrative to personal assistance, from marketing strategy to customer research And the list goes on. It’s fair to say, most VAs will also have this broad experience, so we are able to bring a whole wealth of knowledge and expertise with us.

6. They’re business savvy

Remember, they’re running their own business too. Like me, VAs can be highly trained professionals in their previous working life, and have a lot to bring to your table. They will exceed in the level of support and the service offering when compared to an average temporary worker.

If you have a growing business, why not consider a VA to support that growth journey?