Pinkdog Services: Virtual admin support for small businesses

Who else wants time-consuming admin off their busy plate?

You don’t have to do it all yourself…

I’m here to help! My name is Rachel and I’m an extremely organised, business savvy Virtual Assistant who provides support to small business owners who need to get some time back.

Pinkdog Services is all about helping small business owners get their time back, so I’m here for you to offload that ‘admin stress’ and leave you free to concentrate on what really matters – your business!

I support small business owners that need more time to work on the stuff that brings in the money and I understand that it’s hard being a business owner and having to do everything yourself.

3 fundamental things I aim to do for my clients:

  1. Streamline – by making things organised and efficient!
  2. Save time – by taking on admin that takes up too much of your time.
  3. Be flexible – the support is virtual, so I can work from anywhere…and, I’ll try to fit in around you and your business to help make working with me as easy as possible.

Whatever task is set, I will take it on to the best of my ability, and with as much enthusiasm as a puppy dog…remember, I love the admin that you hate!

Does this sound good? Check out the services offered to see what support might be best for you here.